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Tree Maintenance Programme

Tree Maintenance Programme

Tree Maintenance Programme 2023-2025

South Dublin County Council operates a three year rolling programme of tree maintenance.  In line with the Council's Tree Management Policy 2021-2026 "Living With Trees", the focus of the Tree Maintenance Programme is on entire roads or whole estates.

In addition to the planned whole estate and road programme, reactive and emergency works will be carried out on individually located trees as necessary in order to manage risks to the public. An emergency is defined as a tree that is in immediate and present danger of collapse or causing an obstruction requiring urgent attention. Emergency and reactive tree works will normally take priority over the planned programme of tree maintenance works.

In advance of commencing works within an estate or road, a full survey of all trees at the location is carried out to inform the programme and scheduling of tree maintenance. The survey involves an assessment of each tree’s health and condition and identifies the maintenance required, if any.  Trees may be pruned, removed or require no maintenance, as per the Council’s Tree Management Policy, as a result of this survey.

The following sets out the 2023-2025 Tree Maintenance Programmes: