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Waste Permits

Waste Permits

Waste Collection Permit:

What is a waste collection permit?

The requirement to hold a Waste Collection Permit is in accordance with section 34(1) of the Waste Management Act 1996 (as amended). A permit is required by anyone collecting Waste on a commercial basis to ensure that the Waste is gathered, sorted and transported correctly. The revised Waste Management (Collection Permit) Regulations 2007 (S.I. 820 of 2007 & S.I. 87 of 2008) came into effect on 1st of June 2008.

Who issues waste collection permits?

All Waste Collection Permits are now issued by the National Waste Collection Permit Office.

Application forms and other information regarding waste collection permits may be obtained from the National Waste Collection Permit Office:

Phone :(057) 9357428

Email: NWCPO@offalycoco.ie

Website: http://www.nwcpo.ie/ or http://www.offalycoco.ie/


Waste Facility Permit and Certificate of Registration:

South Dublin County Council issues waste permits and certificates of registration in respect of specified waste activities which, because of their scale or nature, do not require licensing by the EPA. The revised Waste Management (Facility Permit and Registration) Regulations 2007 (S.I. 821 of 2007 & S.I. 86 of 2008) that govern this practice came into force on the 1st of June 2008.

The application form may be downloaded here Waste-Facility-Permit-Application-Form.

An application form to transfer a Waste Facility Permit may be downloaded here

An application form to surrender a Waste Facility Permit may be downloaded here

Guidance on filling out the form may be obtained by clicking here: Guidance Manual for Waste Facility Permit & Certificate of Registration

The classes of waste activity subject to permit are listed in the third schedule of the regulations and can be viewed here Third Schedule Part I.

Classes of activity subject to certificate of registration are listed here Third Schedule Part II.

Sample newspaper and site notices are listed here Waste Facility Permit Newspaper Notice Example and Site Notice.

A database of all Waste Management Permits currently active in South Dublin County is maintained by the Environmental Services Department. Current Waste Facility Permits and Certificates of Registration issued by South Dublin County Council can be viewed at http://facilityregister.nwcpo.ie/.

Permit/Certificate holders must submit an Annual Environmental Report to the National Waste Collection Permit Office (NWCPO) before the 28th February each year. The National Waste Collection Permit Office can be contacted at;


Offaly County Council,

Áras an Chontae,

Charleville Road,


Co. Offaly.


Tel: 057 9357428.

Email: contactus@nwcpo.ie

Web: http://www.nwcpo.ie/


Local Authority Waste Facilities Register. The Local Authority Waste Facilities Register is now live and available at http://facilityregister.nwcpo.ie/.

The location of all Waste Facility Permits and Certificate of Registration sites can be viewed at:



Notices of Waste Collection Permit Applications. These notices are available at http://www.nwcpo.ie/ApplicationNotices.aspx


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Waste Licensing:

Waste activities that are beyond the scope of the Waste Management (Facility Permit and Registration) Regulations 2007 are licensed by the EPA in accordance with Part V of the Waste Management Act 1996 (as amended).

To determine if an activity requires a certificate of registration; a waste facility permit or a waste facility license please refer to the ‘Licensing and Permitting’ section on the EPA website http://www.epa.ie/

All the above mentioned regulations are available to download from The Irish Statute Book Website.