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Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

South Dublin County Councils Digital Strategy is focused on proactively responding to a changing environment. We want to help our communities be successful and active participants in the digital era. This document seeks to build on the National Broadband Plan & National Digital Strategy and South Dublin’s Development Plan & Local Economic and Community Plan. Creating opportunities for residents, visitors and businesses by addressing the challenges of the digital age.

A growing number of Irish citizens and businesses are using digital technologies to great advantage in business, education, healthcare, public service and in society generally. There is however significantly more potential to digital than is currently being tapped. Engagement with the internet helps reduce the costs of running a business and increase customer reach. It empowers citizens, helps them save money, reduces social isolation, provides them with access to more convenient and efficient services and access to a wide range of useful resources. It is a great enabler for all members of the community and has a particular benefit for people with a disability.

South Dublin County Council is aware that rapid advances in technology risks causing a digital divide in communities, between those who have access and opportunity and see the benefit of digital engagement and those who do not. We want all people, organisations and businesses in our local area to have the infrastructure and connectivity, as well as the information, skills and capability, to engage with and benefit from digital technology. The Digital Strategy starts our journey towards achieving this goal.

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