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Grange Castle Business Park

Grange Castle Business Park

Grange Castle Business Park

Grange Castle Business Park is a world class campus with world leading clients, largely because of our model of continuous investment and planning over 20 years.

Our clients know that standing still means falling behind. The best in business always look forward and strive for growth through future proofing and continuous capacity building…. and so do we.

It's for this reason that Grange Castle Facilities Management has, alongside the IDA and our utility partners, ensured a strong platform upon which all our clients can, and have, grown at Grange Castle Business Park.

The Park, strategically located, offers industries the best possible setting to facilitate their development and growth.

Why locate here?

Join the Best & Grow at Grange Castle

The service capacities we offer have met the immediate and long term needs of all our clients and enabled phased expansion. Many of our other clients have taken a long term view, opting for large sites that, along with our excellent services, have enabled their current expansion of their facilities which is still ongoing. These expansions are evidence of the foresight and confidence that they have in Grange Castle Business Park as an Industrial Hub. We have created the service platform to enable Grange Castle to play its part in the success of these global companies.

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For example we can accommodate the largest scale facilities such as Pfizer’s bio plant, one of the largest integrated biotechnology plants in the world. Pfizer took a long term strategic decision in investing over €1.8billion here by selecting a 90-acre site that gave them the capacity to grow. While the initial plant, extending to more than one million square feet was initially developed between 2000 and 2005, the available land and services enabled a further expansion of its research and development function in 2007.

Our Companies

As good as it gets...

Daniel McLoughlin
Chief Executive, South Dublin County Council

"The Business Park can accommodate both medium and large scale enterprises with a range of clients, all showing significant expansion since locating at Grange Castle. Grange Castle offers excellent connectivity to services, markets and a talented workforce. South Dublin represents as good as it gets in terms of the Irish Economy..."

Ideal Location...a great move for Pfizer

Julien Deneve
Site Manager, Pfizer

"The decision to locate here has been good for Pfizer and was based upon key factors such as the strong track record and excellent support of South Dublin County Council and the IDA and the robust infrastructural capacity in place from continuous re-investment by South Dublin. Grange Castle has been a great move for Pfizer."

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