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Social Credits

Social Credits Scheme

What is The Social Credits Scheme?

The Social Credits Scheme (SCS) supports and rewards community groups and individuals who take ownership of their environment and improve their local area by carrying out pro-environmental actions such as community clean-ups, maintenance of community gardens, graffiti removal, weeding of footpaths etc.

Who can apply?

The scheme is open to all community groups in South Dublin County's administrative area including:

  • Environmental groups
  • Primary and post primary schools
  • Resident's Associations
  • Volunteer groups
  • Youth groups 

What are the benefits of the Social Credits Scheme?

The benefits of community participation in the Social Credit's Scheme include:

  • Practical assistance to community groups / Resident's Associations
  • Materials to support / assist applicants with their pro-environmental project
  • Advice from Council staff and information on existing Council services and facilities
  • Increased local pride and community ownership of local areas
  • Empowerment of groups to create cleaner, greener, and safer communities
  • Groups interested in the Social Credit's Scheme apply in advance of any works being undertaken listing the work they intend to do and the reward they would like / expect to receive, within the confines of South Dublin County Council's services and facilities.

Currently the Social Credits Scheme incorporates three elements:

Under the Clean-Up Materials Scheme South Dublin County Council provides local groups with materials to carry out clean up events e.g. bags, disposable gloves, hardwearing gloves, litter pickers and high -vis vests.

We will also arrange to collect bags – just let us know when and where. Email: envawareness@sdublincoco.ie  

The Paint Enhancement Scheme provides paint to groups for the removal of graffiti or to carry out minor enhancement projects in their area.  We also supply materials including paint brushes and rollers.

The Minor Community Landscaping Scheme aims to help groups carry out minor planting in their area.

Under the Minor Landscaping Scheme South Dublin County Council supports groups by providing a range of materialssuch as Plants, Bulbs, Gardening Tools (Spades, Shovels, Hand Trowels, Bulb Planters, Secateurs, Rakes). We also offer the services of a qualified horticulturist who will visit your site and provide advice on planting options.

Environmental Awareness accepts that providing support to these combinations is a vital part of the Social Credit Scheme and areas all around South Dublin County benefit hugely from such project.

How do I apply?

Fill in our online form here, please include before pics if applying for Minor Landcsape or Paint schemes. Or download and fill in the application form here & email to envawareness@sdublincoco.ie or post to Environmental Awareness, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24.

For clean ups applications fill in what materials are required from the list above.

For Paint Enhancement applications outline details of the proposed project with before photos, outline quantity and colour of paint and materials required.

For Minor Landscape outline details of the proposed project with before photos, outline details of suggested plants/bulbs needed, advise if a visit from our Horticulturist to assess the area and the planned works is needed