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South Dublin Climate Action

What You Can Do

To tackle climate change, we all need to take action. This section of the website aims to provide information, advice and tips to individuals, businesses, and communities on how you can make changes and reduce your impact on the climate. 

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Energy & Buildings Actions

  • Energy Planning
  • Energy Efficiency & Renewables
  • Research & Innovation
  • Energy Awareness

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Transport Actions

  • Operations
  • Planning & Public Realm
  • Active Travel & Behavioural Change
  • Public Transport


Flood Resilience Actions

  • Flood Risk Management
  • Flood Defence


Nature-Based Solutions Actions

  • Operations
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Agriculture
  • Tree Management
  • Conservation and Preservation

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Resource Management Actions

  • Waste Management
  • Litter & Recycling in the Public Realm
  • Landfill Management
  • Water Conservation