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Women In Politics

Under-representation of women occurs across many professions and is not just a local or national issue in political life. According to the UN, women are under-represented in local government globally with only 36% of local elected members being female. In Ireland, the national figure is 23% so the country is well below the global average. South Dublin County Council itself is above the national and global average with approximately 39% of current elected members being women.

Efforts are being made by South Dublin County Council to raise the number of women going for the local election in 2024. A ‘Women in Politics’ campaign is soon to launch across the Council’s social media channels whilst research into gender representation in the 2019 local elections is also being carried out.

South Dublin County Council is committed to encouraging women from all backgrounds to get involved in local politics. Below we have a range of election information, resources, studies etc to help you run for election.

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