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Council Initiatives

Council Initiatives

24 May 21

Period Poverty

South Dublin County Council launched an initiative to provide free sanitary products in public toilets at Council offices in response to a campaign by Homeless Period Ireland to combat "Period Poverty" in 2019. 

Breast Feeding Area

The Council has dedicated breastfeeding areas for council staff and council members in our council buildings. Dedicated areas provide a safe and private area for breastfeeding mothers to express milk in comfort.  (insert year) 

Safety and Inclusivity Study for Public Spaces in Clondalkin

The Safety and Inclusivity Study for Public Spaces in Clondalkin was a winning project from the 2018 €300K Have Your Say initiative. The aim of the project was to carry out a scoping study of Clondalkin public spaces regarding safety and inclusivity, including areas such as public lighting and harassment and to carry out a public awareness campaign afterwards.

Researcher Lorraine Mc Mahon was chosen to carry out the study. A steering group was formed and a survey was issued. 14 groups/organisations and 151 individuals took part in the study. 

The study is now completed and has a number of recommendations that will be implemented by a number of council departments. 

Link to Study

Women In Politics Promotional Video

In 2020 South Dublin County Council were awarded a grant from the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government to support females and diversity in Local Government. With this funding, SDCC produced a video outlining the history of women in politics and advice for women who wish to run for election in local government. The video was accompanied by a Women in Politics area on our website and a social media campaign that will run up to the next local elections in 2024.   

Women's Caucus

In 2021 the Council voted to set up a Women's Caucus. This caucus is currently being developed with elected members of the Council and more details will be available soon.

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