South Dublin Libraries produce brochures or newsletters pertaining to what has been organised in the local branch for you and your family to participate in. Throughout the year, there are also specific festivals hosted or programmes of activities in line with national events.

Events During Covid-19

Our libraries are making sure that you stay entertained, informed and occupied during the time of restrictions while the library buildings are closed. From coding workshops, to Harry Potter quizzes, from de-cluttering sessions to creative writing workshops and more, there is something to suit everyone. Most of the online events can be found on the South Dublin Libraries' Facebook page and will also be shared to your local library's Facebook page.

As the 2020 national Bealtaine events cannot take place, we have put together a series  of online creative activities for cocooners...and anyone else. The programme runs from May 20th to June 4th and for more details, you can view the brochure here(pdf).
Stay safe. 

What's Happening Brochure

Click here to download the current brochure (pdf)

Ballyroan Library Brochure

Click here to download Ballyroan Library's current brochure (.pdf)

Castletymon Library Brochure (this library will reopen during 2020)

Clondalkin Library Brochure

Click here to download Clondalkin Library's current brochure (pdf)

County Library, Tallaght Brochure

Click here to download Tallaght Library's current brochure for adults (.pdf)
Click here to download Tallaght Library's current brochure for children (.pdf)

Lucan Library Brochure

Lucan-Brochures-March-2020.pdf (size 2.6 MB)

Mobile Libraries

The Mobile libraries is not in a position to run events normally but does organise some park events during the Summer.

Click here to download the Mobiles timetable (pdf)

North Clondalkin Library Brochure (this library will open in 2020)

Palmerstown Library Digital Hub Brochure

As this is a part-time library, events are organised from time to time and may be advertised through their facebook page also.

Palmerstown Library Digital Hub current brochure (pdf)

Stewart's Hospital  - John Jennings Library

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