Library Projects

Library Projects

South Dublin Libraries is proud to be a part of several national and local initiatives.

Toys, Technology and Training (TTT)


This collection is designed to offer support to children and adults with learning difficulties, disabilities or more significant needs. Based in County Library, Tallaght, this specialised collection of toys, software and assistive technology can be accessed free of charge in branches throughout the county and can be borrowed or utilised by joining up at any South Dublin library. Items in the catalogue can be collected by the borrower at their nearest branch library.
Membership is free to any individual who lives, works or goes to school in South Dublin. Terms and Conditions of use apply.

Summer Stars 


Be a Summer Star – join the Reading Adventure at home and online!

The annual Summer Stars children’s reading programme takes place in the summer time. Children record the number of books they read, return the completed card to their local South Dublin Library and receive small rewards along the way!
At the end of the summer, all completed cards are entered into a raffle at each South Dublin Library branch to win a prize.

Borrow Box


Your library in one app. Borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks from your library, using the BorrowBox app. This is free for all members to use from anywhere, anytime. 
Non-members can join online for free.

Healthy Ireland


A government-led initiative that is focused on delivering programmes and information aimed at improving the health and well-being (physical and mental) of everyone in Ireland.

 Work Matters


An initiative to support those seeking employment or wishing to learn a new skill and anyone wishing to set up a business.

Right to Read


Encourages reading and literacy at all ages.

Social Media 

Keep up with the latest events via the South Dublin Libraries Facebook page, by following us for updates. Online workshops, readings, competitions and lots more!  

Dormant Accounts Funded Projects

South Dublin Public Libraries is pleased to present a snapshot of programmes provided throughout the county in 2019. These programmes were made possible through government funding provided by Dormant Accounts Funds (DAF).

To view a short compilation of these events, click here