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The Waste Management Packaging Regulations were introduced in 1997 to assist Ireland achieve packaging recovery targets set out in EU Directive: EU 94/62/EC. Ireland’s current recovery target is set at 60%, with a recycling rate of 55% of the total packaging supplied onto the Irish market (EU Directive 2004/12/EC). These targets need to be met by 2011. The European Union (Packaging) Regulations 2014 (SI No 282 of 2014) came into effect on 30 July 2014 and aim to assist in achieving these targets whilst also consolidating previous packaging regulations.

Obligations for All Producers of Packaging Waste

There are some primary obligations on all producers of packaging waste relating to (i) packaging waste arising on a producer’s premise, (ii) information on packaging destined for reuse, (iii) information on the weight of packaging and (iv) their obligations regarding recovery operators. These obligations are detailed in the European Union (Packaging) Regulations 2014 (SI No 282 of 2014).

Obligations on all Producers of Packaging Waste

Major Producer?

1. Does your business supply an aggregate weight of packaging material and packaging which exceeds 10 tonnes in a calendar year?


2. Does your business have an annual turnover of more than €1 million?

If you are unsure of the volume of packaging material and packaging that you place onto the Irish market you may need to carry out a packaging audit.

 Major Producer Obligations

Major Producers (i.e. those companies who place more than 10 tonnes of packaging waste onto the market and who have an annual turnover in excess of €1 million per annum) are further obligated under the European Union (Packaging) Regulations 2014 (SI No 282 of 2014).

Major Producers have two options:

(a) Become a member of Repak, which is currently the only approved body operating a scheme for the recovery of packaging and packaging waste.

(b) Become a Self Complier and register with South Dublin County Council

How to become a member of Repak:

To become a member of Repak companies must pay an annual fee. Repak then becomes responsible for the collection and recycling of all packaging waste, up to the percentage of it’s members obligations. Click here to visit the Repak site.

How to become a Self Complier:

Self Compliant major producers must do the following:

Register each of your premises with a local authority annually.

Pay an annual fee of €15.00 per tonne of packaging material and packaging placed on the Irish market(a minimum of €500, a maximum of €15,000 per premises).

Provide adequate facilities at each premises whereby any person, free of charge, may remove, segregate and deposit packaging of the type or brand supplied by that major producer.

Display appropriate notices which are outlined in the European Union (Packaging) Regulations 2014 (SI No 282 of 2014)

Provide quarterly reports on packaging and packaging waste received, supplied, accept, collected etc (Download quarterly report form below).

Provide an annual report to the local authority.

Provide the local authority with a copy of an implementation plan specifying steps to be taken to comply with the European Union (Packaging) Regulations 2014 (SI No 282 of 2014).

Make quarterly reports/annual reports/implementation plans available to the public upon request.

Advertise take-back facilities in March and September in one or more local newspaper.

Self compliers that import and/or pack-fill packaging must recover a minimum of 60% and recycle at least 55% of the aggregate weight of the packaging that they supply onto the market.

This is a brief selection of the main obligations and is not an exhaustive list of a major producer’s obligations. SDCC would advise all major producers to read the European Union (Packaging) Regulations 2014 (SI No 282 of 2014) in full.

Enforcement of the Packaging Regulations:

The Council's Enforcement team carries out inspections to ensure that self compliers are fully compliant with the European Union (Packaging) Regulations 2014 (SI No 282 of 2014).

South Dublin County Council has one of the largest memberships of self compliers in any local authority area in the country.

Self-Compliance Related Forms:

Please see Related Documents below for the Registration Form, the Renewal of Registration Form and for the Quarterly Report Form.

NOTE: This web page is a guide only. It does not purport to provide, and should not be relied upon as, a legal interpretation of the regulations. South Dublin County Council advises you to read the European Union (Packaging) Regulations 2014 (SI No 282 of 2014) in full.