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Codes of Conduct

Codes of Conduct

The Standards in Public Office Commission has published a Code of Conduct for persons carrying on lobbying activities. The Code of Conduct came into effect on the 1st January 2019. Persons carrying on lobbying activities are required under section 16(5) of the Act to have regard to the Code of Conduct when carrying on lobbying activities.

Anyone who meets each step of the Three-Step Test must register.

Three-Step Test For a communication to be considered a “relevant communication” for the purposes of the Act it must meet the following criteria:

1) The communication is made by a person or organisation within the scope of the Act;

2) The communication concerns a “relevant matter”; and

3) The communication is directed at a person who is a Designated Public Official (DPO).

Further information concerning the Three-Step Test can be found on the Regulation of Lobbying website (

Codes of Conduct