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Corkagh Park is located near the Naas road stretching towards Clondalkin. Opened to the public in 1986, it consists of 120 hectares and was formerly part of Corkagh Demesne. There are many amenities in the park including the following facilities

Activity at Corkagh Park Lakes is currently under review and fishing opportunities are limited at this time.
Please check in advance for availability.


Entering the park from St. Johns entrance

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Entering the park from the Naas Road entrance

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Opening Hours

November, December & January 10.00am -- 5.00pm
February & March 10.00am -- 6.00pm
April & October 10.00am -- 7.00pm
May & September 10.00am -- 8.00pm
June, July & August 10.00am -- 9.00pm

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