Active South Dublin and Walk and Talk South Dublin

26 Mar 24

Active South Dublin and Walk and Talk South Dublin come together for a community walk in Corkagh Park.


On Saturday, March 23, seven walk and talk groups gathered to celebrate the success of the community walking groups under the banner of Walk & Talk Dublin. Led by the Walk and Talk founder Stephen Brennan, and organized by Active South Dublin, the event drew over 100 participants of varying ages and abilities who joined Stephen for a 5k stroll through the park.

Accompanied by music and capped off with refreshments, the gathering highlighted the social aspect that is integral to the Walk & Talk initiative. The program began to promoting physical activity within Jobstown while also addressing the mental health needs of local residents. Presently, seven groups are operational across Jobstown, Mac Uilliam, Brittas, Rowlagh, Clondalkin Village, Lucan, and Adamstown.

If you're interested and enthusiastic about starting your own Walk & Talk group in your local area, contact Active South Dublin for support and to answer any questions you may have at