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Reporting Access Difficulty

Reporting Access Difficulty

 Reporting an access difficulty

 The customer care staff take reports from members of the public, and they inform the relevant departments, so that issues can be addressed. You can complete a customer care contact form online through the website

 Members of the public, who notice potential barriers to access, can contact the Customer Care Centre by clicking on this direct link to make a report.

 Examples of access barriers include:

  • wheelie bins blocking public pathways;
  • inaccessible or obstructed public parking facilities;
  • Restaurants, shops, pubs and so on, placing furniture and signage on public pathways;
  • Temporary structures such as hoarding that might impede access for a person with a visual or mobility impairment.

Complaints procedures

Complaints in general in relation to access to public buildings, services, information and so on may in the first instance be addressed to the department providing the service, or the Customer Care Team, or Selina Bonnie (the Disability Liaison, Access and Equality Officer). In most instances this ensures that the department involved, or Selina, can quickly consider your needs and can take action to address your specific access needs.  The Council is committed to making South Dublin County and the facilities and services provided by the Council as accessible as possible and will respond quickly to reports relating to access difficulties.

If however you feel that your rights under the Act are not being addressed by the Council, you can report in writing directly to the Chief Executive (as outlined in Section 38 of the Disability Act) or request assistance from an Independent Advocate to do so. The Chief Executive is then obliged to appoint an Inquiry Officer who is independent of the department responsible for the service being investigated. An Inquiry Officer investigates your complaint and provides a written report to both the Council and the person making the complaint. This report may state that in the opinion of the Inquiry Officer, the Council has failed to comply with the provisions of the Disability Act. It can also set out the steps that the Council must take to address your access needs. The Inquiry Officer may also state if they find a complaint to be ‘frivolous or vexatious’.

 For detailed information on our Customer Complaints System visit page 14 of our Customer Service Action Plan