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Disability Liaison - Access

Disability Liaison - Access

Disability Access

You can contact South Dublin County Council’s Disability Liaison, Access and Equality Office to assist you to access council services through:

  • arranging an Irish Sign Language Interpreter or other appropriate access support,
  • liaising on your behalf with council staff,
  • providing information in a format that is accessible to you.


You can also contact the office to assist you to report any access difficulties that you encounter when moving around the County.

Disability Liaison

In addition to supporting members of the public to access services provided by the Council, the Disability Liaison, Access and Equality Office, is also a resource provided within the Council to:

  • support line managers to facilitate and accommodate the needs of disabled staff,
  • directly make representation on behalf of disabled staff members, regarding their accommodation needs.


You can contact the Disability Liaison, Access and Equality Office through:

Corporate Performance and Change Management Department, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24

Tel: (01) 414 9000