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Access Video Guides

Access Video Guides

The video below is an overall guide to Accessibility in South Dublin County. It is just one of a series of four videos that South Dublin County Council has produced to highlight the level of accessibility achieved across the county. The four videos in the series focus on improvements throughout the county. As well as this Overall Access Guide, there are videos that explain accessibility in County Hall, Clondalkin Civic Offices and across the branches in the South Dublin County Libraries network. We hope you find this series of access guides informative and useful.

The video player above includes closed captions that display a text version of everything that is voiced in the video. This can be turned on and off as required using the captions button on the control bar of the video. You can also pause the video at any point or view the content full screen if required.

Should you require a different version of this presentation you can access various versions below. We have supplied alternate video formats, audio only formats and text transcripts below.

Additional Downloads:

This is the first in a series of access guides, which highlight features that ensure equal access to South Dublin County Council services for a wide variety of users with varying abilities. From accessible parking bays, automated doors, loop systems at public desks, to adaptable housing, specialist computer software & Braille and tactile signage. South Dublin County Council has implemented a wide range of measures designed to make the County accessible to all.

Access Guides Overall

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