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Online Planning

Online Planning

Planning Portal

South Dublin County Council’s Citizen’s Portal aims to modernise the viewing of planning applications and processing and administration of third party submissions.  This Portal gives members of the public the option to submit observations and associated payment on all relevant planning applications online. Observations can be made within 5 weeks of a Planning Application being received by the Planning Authority on this system. 

You can access the Citizen’s portal at this link: Planning Portal (


Pre-Planning Application Online System

Applicants and agents can now apply for a pre-planning consultations using our new online pre-planning application system at this link: Citizen Portal Preapps (

Applications must include the following documentation:

  • The Pre-Planning Consultation Form
  • Please note that there is a separate pre-planning application form for large-scale residential developments (Form 18) which details the required information to be submitted. 
  • A site location map which can be found at Ordnance Survey Ireland. The scale required is 1:1000 for Urban Areas and 1:2500 for Rural Areas.
  • Drawings of the proposed development (Site layout, elevation drawings etc)

If using our on-line Pre-Planning System please ensure that all documents submitted are in an appropriate format such as PDF, each file is under 20MBs in size and file names are less than 60 characters in total. Please do not submit interactive documents.


E-Planning Project

Implementation of the new Citizen Portal and the pre-planning application online system are integral steps in South Dublin County Council’s move to provision of a full ePlanning system, which is anticipated to take place in late 2023.

At present, it is not possible for members of the public, developers or agents to make planning applications online to South Dublin County Council. This means that applications, including associated documents such as maps, drawings and newspaper notices must be submitted in hard copy to the Planning Department. 

South Dublin County Council is currently engaging with the LGMA (Local Government Management Agency) to progress the implementation of the national online ePlanning system, through which planning applications will be submitted. Once fully rolled out, ePlanning will provide an online option for the public to engage with the planning system, in addition to the existing paper based system.

Once implemented, the ePlanning system will improve efficiency in the statutory planning process and deliver on the government strategy to move more public services online. Information will be more readily available to the public, as files can be made available for viewing online more quickly than paper files. There will also be cost and environmental savings for applicants, from reduced use of paper and ink.