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Clondalkin Local Area Plan

South Dublin County Council has commenced the early stages of the preparation of the Clondalkin Local Area Plan. The Local Area Plan is an objective of the South Dublin County Development Plan 2022-2028, which came into effect in August 2022. 


The Objective, QDP14 Objective 3 seeks:

To prepare a LAP for Clondalkin, the extent of the boundary to be defined, which will be guided by the Local Area Plans Guidelines for Planning Authorities, 2013 (Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government) or any superseding guidelines and which will incorporate:

  • - A vision for the development of Clondalkin
  • - Wider urban design principles
  • - Framework plans for larger infill sites
  • - A Conservation Plan
  • - A local Green Infrastructure strategy derived from the County GI Strategy
  • - Local Transport Plan.”

The Local Area Plan is a statutory document prepared by the Planning Authority in accordance with the requirements of Sections 18, 19 and 20 of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 (as amended).  A Local Area Plan must consist of a written statement and a plan or plans that are consistent with the objectives of the County Development Plan, its core strategy, and any regional planning guidelines that apply to the area of the Plan. The LAP will be guided by the Local Area Plans Guidelines for Planning Authorities, 2013.  


The Public Consultation for the Clondalkin LAP is broken down into non-statutory and statutory stages.  The non-statutory period is due to commence shortly. SDCC has engaged a public consultation facilitator to help gain an understanding of and the management of competing viewpoints, desires and visions for Clondalkin with inputs from the community and stakeholders.   


The Facilitator will shortly be issuing a survey to engage with the community and stakeholders.  The findings of this survey will inform the content of an online and in-person Workshop that will take place in May 2023, which the community and stakeholders are invited to.  Details of which will be advertised shortly.


For all those interested in Clondalkin, those living, working and recreating there, you are encouraged to engage with the process over the coming months.  This webpage will be updated to highlight upcoming events and all the latest news.