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Clondalkin Local Area Plan

Latest News: 

In person and online workshops took place during May 2023 and many people from the Clondalkin community took time to meet with representatives from South Dublin County Council’s Planning Department to share their experiences and ideas for the future growth of the area.

The in-person workshop was held at Áras Chrónain, on 10th May 2023, in the heart of Clondalkin.

We also hosted an online version of the same workshop on 23rd May 2023 for those who couldn’t attend the in person workshop.

Additionally, a dedicated workshop for disabled persons was conducted through one-to-one engagement with advocacy groups, ensuring that their specific needs and perspectives were taken into consideration.

Overall, these workshops provided valuable opportunities for community members to actively participate in shaping the future growth of Clondalkin, both in-person and through online platforms, while ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all.

The information gathered during this early period will be used to inform further research, survey work and initial proposals that will be used to guide the growth and expansion of the place.

Further public consultation will take place in 2024.


Background Information

South Dublin County Council has commenced the early stages of the preparation of the Clondalkin Local Area Plan.  It is an objective of the South Dublin County Development Plan to prepare a plan:


Objective, QDP14 Objective 3 seeks:

To prepare a LAP for Clondalkin, the extent of the boundary to be defined, which will be guided by the Local Area Plans Guidelines for Planning Authorities, 2013 (Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government) or any superseding guidelines and which will incorporate:

- A vision for the development of Clondalkin

- Wider urban design principles

- Framework plans for larger infill sites

- A Conservation Plan

- A local Green Infrastructure strategy derived from the County GI Strategy

- Local Transport Plan.


The Local Area Plan is a statutory document prepared by the Planning Authority in accordance with the requirements of Sections 18, 19 and 20 of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 (as amended).  A Local Area Plan must consist of a written statement and a plan or plans that are consistent with the objectives of the County Development Plan, its core strategy, and any regional planning guidelines that apply to the area of the Plan. The Local Area Plan will be guided by the Local Area Plans Guidelines for Planning Authorities, 2013. 


Next Steps and Project Timeline

The analysis of the feedback received from the public consultation highlights key issues that are important to residents and provide a roadmap to guide future planning and development in the area. The next round of non-statutory public consultation will take place in early 2024. SDCC will incorporate the public's input from the consultation, which took place throughout May 2023, and prepare a draft Local Area Plan. This plan will then go through the statutory process of public consultation in the latter half of 2024. This statutory public consultation ensures that everyone has a chance to review and provide their opinions on the proposed plan.  Please see the timeline below in relation to further consultation stages.