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Variation No.3

Variation No.3

South Dublin County Council at a meeting on the 7th of May 2019, adopted Variation No. 3 to the South Dublin County Council Development Plan 2016-2022. These variations are effective immediately.

The addendum report outlines the specific changes incorporated into the Written Statement.

Variation No. 3 – Zoning Amendment to Lands at Naas Road / Ballymount.

The purpose of this variation is to change the zoning objective of  178 hectares of lands from zoning objective EE (Enterprise and Employment) to zoning objective REGEN (Regeneration).  These lands are located in the Ballymount / Naas Road area, which are south of the Grand Canal and east of the M50, adjoining the boundary with Dublin City Council, all located within the areas of Fox and Geese, Bluebell, Ballymount, Redcow, Gallanstown and Drimnagh. This Variation includes changes to the zoning maps, as well as amendments to policy and addition of text in the Written Statement.