National Spring Clean

22 Mar 24

National Spring Clean is Ireland’s largest anti-litter initiative, running throughout the month of April, interested community groups who are planning a community clean-up during the month can apply online at:

The National Spring Clean campaign Ireland is largest and longest running anti-litter campaign. It is operated by the Environmental Education Unit of An Taisce.

It is supported by Local Authorities who help co-ordinate clean-up activities for communities within their counties and the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment. Local authorities also provide for the disposal of all rubbish and waste materials collected.  

 Over the past 24 years, through the National Spring Clean:  

  • Over 85,000 clean-ups have been organized.
  •  42,000 tonnes of litter have been removed.
  •  12 million hours of work have been put in by volunteers.


What we can do outside the month of April

While the National Spring Clean runs through the month of April, please remember that personal actions throughout the year are very important too. Here are some choices we can make daily to make a positive change:  


  • Avoid single use plastic when possible, by choosing more sustainable alternatives, such as reusable bottles and coffee cups, cotton bags, metal straws, etc.…
  •  Don’t litter and if a bin is overflowing, keep your waste until you find a wastebin to dispose of it properly.
  •  If you can’t reduce or reuse, recycle; know where and how to recycle all types of waste.
  •  Recent statistics show that, in Ireland, discarded cigarette butts make up for 60% of litter on the streets. Always bin your butt! 
  • Make sure to bin your chewing gum when you’re done to avoid a €150 gum littering fine and keep our streets clean!


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