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Cosaint Leanaí

Child Safeguarding

South Dublin County Council is committed to a child-centred approach to our work with children in the delivery of all our services and activities. The Council has an overall corporate duty and responsibility to safeguard the children accessing the Council's services and activities.

South Dublin County Council is committed to;

  • Promoting general welfare, health development and safety of children.
  • Ensuring safe management procedures are in place for all staff and volunteers.
  • Developing guidance and procedures for staff and volunteers who may have reasonable grounds for concern about a child n the services or activities of the Council.
  • Ensuring Designed Child Protection Liaison Officers are appointed and accessible.
  • Ensuring the Council has procedures in place for dealing with an allegation of abuse made against an employee or volunteer
  • Raising awareness in the organisation about potential risks to children's safety and welfare.
  • Developing procedures for responding to accidents and complaints.
  • Developing and maintaining clear record keeping procedures.
  • Ensuring a Code of Behaviour is in place for staff and volunteers.
  • Developing a policy of interagency cooperation with Tusla and other agencies involved in the protection of a child.

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