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Scholarstown Road

Scholarstown Road

Scholarstown Road Improvement Works (Noted Rathfarnham/Templeogue Terenue Area Committee 12th Sept. 2017)

South Dublin County Council in conjunction with the National Transport Authority is proposing improvement works that will be carried out from the approaches to the Orlagh Grove Roundabout (just east of Junction 12 of the M50) to the recently upgraded Knocklyon Road junction (beside Knocklyon Shopping Centre). These measures will improve the quality of lives for its users by focusing on improved pedestrian, cyclist and vulnerable road user facilities and improved facilities for public transport users.

The scheme aims to improve the public realm by providing upgraded footpaths, shared pedestrian & cycle space, improved drainage measures, additional landscaping, improved signage and new signalized crossing locations on the approaches to the Orlagh Grove roundabout. Providing improvements along the length of Scholarstown Road that is heavily used by school pupils attributed to several primary and secondary schools located in the vicinity of the proposed scheme.


The proposed works will comprise the following:

The provision of almost 0.5km of off road shared cycle and pedestrian space from the Knocklyon Road junction to and around the Orlagh Grove roundabout.

  • Improved crossing facilities at the entrances to Beverly Drive and the Rookery housing estates.
  • Improved crossing facilities on all four arms of the Orlagh Grove roundabout.
  • Upgraded public lighting using efficient LED lighting.
  • Bus stop improvements with Real Time Passenger Information (RPTI) and improved set-down facilities.
  • Removal of numerous existing ESB and Eir overhead cables that span throughout the scheme.
  • Additional landscaping works throughout the scheme
  • Provision of new and improved drainage
  • Provision of new public lighting, road markings and cycle route signage

Enclosed are the advertisements used to commence the public consultation process and the corresponding drawings.

Scholarstown Road Cycle Track

Scholarstown Road Cycle Track

A Road Safety audit was carried out on the scheme and determined that there was a risk of side swiping accidents on the Scholarstown Rd Eastern Arm heading west, as the roundabout is not wide enough to allow  two cars to circulate with ease.

In addition, the following files show the drone surveys carried out during peak traffic and pedestrian/cycle movement times. They show that despite two lanes being available for use at Scholarstown Road East, it is rarely used and when used causes confusion and erratic behaviour.

The Scholarstown Road East Arm was therefore modified to one lane on the approach to the roundabout.

Drone and Drive Survey - 3rd May 2018 8.05am Part 1

Drone and Drive Survey - 3rd May 2018 8.05am Part 2

Drone and Drive Survey - 3rd May 2018 8.05am Part 3

Drone and Drive Survey - 3rd May 2018 8.05am Part 4

Drone and Drive Survey - 3rd May 2018 8.40am Part 1

Drone and Drive Survey - 3rd May 2018 8.40am Part 2