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Part 8 Process

Brief explanation of ‘Part 8’ process

Development carried out by a Local Authority is often referred to as a 'Part 8' -this is reference to Part 8 of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 which sets out the procedure for carrying out such developments. From time to time the Local Authority may carry out development within its administrative area, such as the construction of houses, roads, swimming pools, public toilets etc.

Public consultation is an intrinsic part of the 'Part 8' process. This is achieved by public notices, public display of the proposal, observations by members of the public, reportage on observations received and a recommendation that considers all internal and public observations. The consultation may extend to advisory consultation meetings with local community and interest groups dependant on the particular circumstances and impact of the proposal, though such meetings are not proscribed under the legislation. The primary purpose of the process is to notify the public of the proposal and incorporate any observations validly submitted into a report to inform the elected Councillors on its decision to recommend the proposal.

Comments and observations on Proposed Developments by a Local Authority can only be received in writing between certain dates.

Following consideration of report by the Council, the proposed development may be recommended, unless the local authority, by resolution, decides to vary or modify the development otherwise than as recommended in the report, or decides not to proceed with the development’–as per Section 179(4)(b) of the Planning and Development Act 2000 –2007.

For a ‘Part 8’ application the period for observations/submissions is 8 weeks. There are 5 weeks allowed for a normal planning application.

The making of a decision on a ‘Part 8’ application is a reserved function of Council (those functions performed by the Council’s elected members by resolution), while for a normal planning application this is an executive function (functions performed by the Council’s Chief Executive by order)        

The above is a summary of the Part 8 requirement for consultation. It is intended for guidance only. The Planning Acts set out the requirements in full.

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