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School Wardens

School Wardens

The school warden service provided by South Dublin County Council caters for thousands of children attending schools in the county on a daily basis during school terms. School Wardens, or as they are more affectionately known as the ‘Lollipop People’ are identifiable by the high visibility uniforms worn, and the STOP sign used to stop traffic. In order to carry out their duties effectively they require the co-operation of all road users.

The Road Safety Unit at South Dublin County Council manages the School Warden service in the county. A support team within the unit assists the Road Safety Officer in managing the school wardens in South County Dublin.

 A school warden is recognised by the bright yellow and red coloured Hi visibility coat and the Stop Sign that they carry and they are empowered under Section 96 of the 1961 Road Traffic Act to stop and hold traffic during times of operation in order to allow school children cross the road safely. Any driver who fails to stop for a school warden, while operating on a school crossing is liable to receive one penalty point.

Using a school warden crossing

  • Children should assemble and wait on the footpath behind the warden.
  • Remain on the path until the school warden gives instructions to ‘cross now’.
  • When crossing, walk straight across in FRONT of the warden.
  • Keep looking in both directions and listening for traffic when crossing.
  • Never fool around at the crossing.
  • Never follow the school warden onto the road while he/she is endeavoring to stop traffic.
  • Never run across the road for fear of tripping and falling.
  • Never cross while the school warden is returning to the footpath from the centre of the roadway.


  • Be prepared to stop at the school warden crossing if requested to do so
  • Never stop on the crossing
  • Never stop on the zig-zag lines at schools, it can block sightlines for the warden and other drivers