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Important Notice

Changes to Process of 30 minutes Free Parking from Tuesday, 6 September 2016;

If staying for 30 minutes or less, you must now display a ticket from the Pay and Display machine.

Please visit the Pay and Display machine and press the Green button to obtain a ticket. Make sure that you clearly display the ticket dispensed on your dashboard.

If staying for more than 30 minutes, you must purchase a ticket from the Pay and Display machine and the 30 minutes free parking will be added to the expiry time on your ticket.

Please note you can only avail of the 30 minutes free once a day in any of our Council enforced villages (Tallaght, Templeogue, Rathcoole, Rathfarnham, Clondalkin, Palmerstown and Lucan). Car Registrations will be observed by the Wardens and any motorists attempting to abuse the system will be subject to a parking fine.

Pay and Display Parking

Due to the imminent changeover of our Parking Permit Service Provider,  customers will be required to renew their permit from a new link which will be made available here from the 1st April 2021.  This will allow customers to apply for a 12 month permit after that time. 

Please be assured that customers whose current  permit is due to expire in the days immediately on / or before the 1st April 2021 will not be subject to enforcement during this transition period and should continue to display the current permit until 1st April 2021 at which time a new permit application can be processed .

South Dublin County Council operates Pay and Display Parking in Clondalkin, Lucan, Palmerston, Rathcoole, Rathfarnham, Templeogue and Tallaght Villages.

Using Pay and Display parking in South Dublin

When parking in Pay and Display areas, please take note of parking signs.

Sufficient machines are provided in order that appropriate coverage is available should a machine be out of operation.

Pay and display tickets must be placed in the front window in the parked vehicle to allow the parking warden to read the appropriate details on the ticket. Fines are issued for ‘non display of valid parking ticket’. Subsequent production of a valid ticket is not acceptable evidence of the ticket being displayed in the vehicle. Drivers should make sure that the pay and display ticket is correctly displayed after the car doors have been shut.

Important exemptions: Accessible spaces are provided for disabled drivers / passengers who have a valid EU Parking Permit (Blue Badge). If these spaces are full, vehicles that display a valid ‘Blue Badge’, are permitted to park in ordinary parking spaces free of charge.

Goods vehicles actively loading or unloading are permitted up to 30 minutes to complete their loading. If a goods vehicle is not actively loading a valid pay and display ticket must be correctly displayed. Loading areas may not be used for parking during the hours of operation of the loading area.

Parking Tag is an additional service offered by South Dublin County Council, it is a fast and convenient way to pay for parking. The advantages of using Parking Tag include no more fumbling for change at a parking meter and if you are delayed for any reason you can extend your parking session remotely. There are two options when using Parking Tag, pay as you go option or account option.

Registering with Parking Tag will enable you to pay for parking with your credit or debit card. Once registered, you can then park by SMS, phone call or through their new mobile application.

Payment methods:

Mobile App - New and existing customer can download an App on iOS and Android

SMS - To 53311 in the following format PARK ZONE TIME for example, Park Yellow 60 = parking in the yellow zone for one hour, or Park DA 1d = parking in zone DA for the day.

Phone - Call 01 244 9999 and follow the instructions to pay for Parking using their IVR service

To register with Parking Tag, or for further information, visit or phone Parking Tag at 0818 300 161 or purchase your Parking Tag from selected Payzone outlets.

One-Time Parking payments: Please refer to local signage to find correct zone, Payzone Zones in South Dublin County Council begin with S, followed by one more letter;

Charge to your mobile phone

If you are a 3 or Vodafone customer, you have the option to charge parking payments to your mobile phone bill or credit.

Simply text PARK ZONE MINUTES CAR REG M to 53311 (for example, PARK DA 60 10D0000 M). The letter M indicates that you are charging the payment to your phone bill / credit.

One-time card payments:

If you would prefer to pay for parking without registering, you can charge a one-time parking payment to your debit or credit card.

Simply text PARK ZONE MINUTES CAR REG to 53311 (e.g. PARK YELLOW 60 10D0000). If you are using a foreign number, you should send your SMS to +353 87 060 2275.

For all day parking (where available), replace MINUTES with 1D.

You will then receive an SMS response with instructions to call our automated phone system to complete payment by credit or debit card.

The benefits of Parking Tag to customers:

  • A convenient, flexible, cash free system
  • Not having to worry about searching for cash or a machine
  • Text reminder service will let you know when the parking is going to expire
  • Enables customers to extend their parking without returning to the car
  • Itemised parking payment statements available online
ZoneTariff PHRestrictionsHours of OperationDays of OperationTown
SC€1.00No Maximum08.00 – 18.00Monday - FridayClondalkin
SG€1.50No Maximum08.00 – 18.00Monday - SaturdayTempleogue
SH€1.00No Maximum08.00 – 18.00Monday - FridayRathcoole
SL€1.00No Maximum08.00 – 18.00Monday - FridayLucan
SP€1.50No Maximum08.00 – 18.00Monday - SaturdayPalmerstown
SR€1.50No Maximum08.00 – 18.00Monday - SaturdayRathfarnham
ST€1.50No Maximum08.00 – 18.00Monday - SaturdayTallaght

Car parks and low tariff parking (check signs)

ZoneTariff PHRestrictionsHours of OperationDays of OperationTown
SD€0.75No Maximum08.00 – 18.00Monday - FridayLow Demand
SE€0.75No Maximum08.00 – 18.00Monday - SaturdayCar Parks
SF€0.75No Maximum08.00 – 18.00Monday - FridayCar Parks

Check local signage for zone codes. In the South Dublin County Council administrative area, parking zones are defined by letters – an example is shown below. Should you have any question on relevant zone, contact Parking Tag directly on 01 244 9999.

Those not wishing to avail of this service can still pay and display using a parking meter.

Enforcement of Pay and Display Parking in South Dublin

South Dublin County Council employs a Parking Enforcement Services Contractor, South Dublin Parking Services (operated by Park Rite) to carry out parking enforcement of both our Pay and Display locations on our behalf, along with the enforcement of parking regulations and prohibitions, for example, illegal parking on double yellow lines, in accessible parking bays, in school keep clears, on footpaths and so on within the Council's administrative area.

Illegal parking in these areas will incur a fine of €40, illegal parking in accessible parking spaces will incur a fine of €150

Fixed Charge Offences appeals are dealt with by our contractor who may be contacted directly by phone on 01 542 5678.

How do I appeal a parking fine? Appeals regarding Fixed Charge Offences are dealt with through the enforcement contractor.

If the registered owner, or their nominated driver, wish to appeal the Fixed Charge Offence, they should submit an appeal in writing / by email to South Dublin Parking Services during the stated statutory 56 day payment period, stating the reasons for the appeal, the vehicle registration and Fixed Charge Offence reference number. [The Fixed Charge Offence reference number is a nine digit number commencing with the letters SDC on the notice]

The contact details for South Dublin Parking Services are:

E-mail: Postal address: South Dublin Parking Services, P.O. Box 9965, Dublin 2. Phone: (01) 542 5678 (for appeals and payment of parking fines)

On receipt of an appeal by South Dublin Parking Services the payment time frame, and the application of a legal administration charge, is put on hold until a decision is made. The appellant will be notified in writing by South Dublin Parking Services of the outcome of their appeal.

If the appellant is not satisfied with the decision made in relation to their appeal they should contact South Dublin Parking Services. They will be advised that they may re-appeal in writing during the statutory 56 day payment period to the Parking Section, South Dublin County Council, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24, stating the reasons for the re-appeal, why they feel the Fixed Charge Offence should not have been issued and other relevant information for re-examination of the appeal.

If the appeal is rejected by the Council, the Fixed Charge Offence must then be paid to avoid court proceedings being initiated.

If a Fixed Charge Offence is not paid within 28 days, or an appeal is not lodged during this 28 day period, beginning on date of issue of the notice, the Fixed Charge Offence amount increases by 50%. If a Fixed Charge Offence remains unpaid after a 56 day period, or an appeal is not lodged during this 56 day period, a legal administration charge is applied.

Suspension of Pay and Display Parking Space

Upon completion of relevant application, along with appropriate fee and documentation required, pay and display space / spaces can be suspended to allow for example, the placing of a skip. The daily fee for suspending a parking space is the daily tariff for that space.

South Dublin County Council’s parking services are operated by South Dublin Parking Services (SDPS)
The parking wardens, as part of their standard equipment, wear a Body Worn Camera (BWC)
The BWC’s are activated only in response to irate / aggressive incidents directed at them by members of the public.
For more information please contact South Dublin Parking Services, Postal address: South Dublin Parking Services, P.O. Box 9965, Dublin 2. Phone: (01) 542 5678 E-mail:

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