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Rebate Scheme

Development Contribution Rebate Scheme

Expressions of interest are sought from builders/developers for the building and sale of eligible residential units in accordance with the Development Contribution Rebate Scheme as recently announced by the Department of Environment, Community & Local Government. The Scheme is applicable to development contributions paid under Section 48 of the Planning & Development Act 2000, as amended, and excludes contributions paid or due to Irish Water. Contributions must be paid in respect of each qualifying dwelling and no alternative arrangement will be considered. An expression of interest including a project plan for the construction and sale of at least 50 units must be submitted. Part V, social housing units may be included but only the units on which contributions have been paid will be eligible for rebate.

The rebate will only be payable in accordance with the following conditions and criteria.

  1. A minimum of 50 units with a maximum sale price of €300,000 must be completed and sold, after 1st January 2016 and before 31st December 2017. A full rebate is applicable in respect of sale price less than €275,000 and 80% rebate for sale price of €275,000 - €300,000.
  2. Purchase contracts must be entered into after 1st January 2016 and certified copies of such contracts must be submitted.
  3. Evidence of completion certificates will also be required. Sale must be to entity other than developer.
  4. No interest shall be payable in relation to the paid contributions.
  5. Evidence of up to date tax compliance of the beneficiary of the rebate must be submitted.
  6. The claimant Developer will be reimbursed by the Council on receipt of the rebate from the Infrastructure Fund administered by the Department of Environment, Community & Local Government.
  7. Rebates shall be payable in 2 tranches at the beginning of 2017 and 2018 subject to a minimum of 50 units being sold.
  8. Random inspections of individual sites will be carried out, by the Housing Inspectorate of the Department of Environment, Community & Local Government, to ensure compliance with the Scheme.

If you are satisfied that you are or will be undertaking a development that meets this criteria you should submit an expression of interest and project plan, including the details set out below to the Planning Department, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24 or by e-mail to

Company Name:
Company Address:
Company Tax/VAT number:
Tax Clearance Certificate:
Location of Project/Scheme:
Planning Permission Reference Number:
Total number of housing units permitted under planning permission:
Total number already completed:
Total number already sold:
Number of Eligible Units proposed to be built & sold in the period 1 January 2016 to December 2017:
Timescale for the commencement, completion and sale of eligible units under the Scheme
Colour coded site map showing units completed prior to 1st January 2016 and the proposed eligible units
Schedule of proposed eligible units including floor area on a unit basis