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Casual Trading

Casual Trading means selling goods at a place (including a public road) to which the public have access as of right and any other place that is a designated Casual Trading Area. 

Casual Trading is regulated by the South Dublin County Council Casual Trading Bye-Laws 2016.

It is an offence to trade without a Casual Trade Licence and anyone wishing to engage in Casual Trading within the administrative area of South Dublin County Council must therefore apply to the Council for a Casual Trading Licence.

Casual Trading is divided into designated Casual Trading Areas and Event Trading with appropriate fees payable, and casual trading is prohibited in areas other than those designated in the South Dublin County Council Casual Trading Bye-Laws 2016. 

Revocation of Casual Trading Area

Under Regulation 20 of the Casual Trading Bye-Laws 2016 – The Council reserves the right to revoke by executive order the designation of a Casual Trading Area for operational or other reasons.

The Council now advises of the removal of the Hermitage Park Site from the list of designated Trading areas.

Ice Cream/Confectionary & Flowers Casual Trading Licence Applications 2023

South Dublin County Council invites applications from parties interested in taking up Casual Trading Licences for the sale of Ice Cream/Confectionary & Flowers for the 2023 season at the following designated locations.