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Elections and Voting

The Register of Electors was produced on the 1st February 2018 and comes into force on the 15th February. The Register of Electors is also published on where you can check to see if you are currently registered.
If you are not registered you can be added to a Supplement to the Register by filling in an RFA 2 form or an RFA3 Form (Application for inclusion in the Supplement to the Register of Electors, and Application for inclusion in the supplement to the Register of Electors Change of Address).
There are currently 190,891 Electors on the 2018/19 Register of Electors. If you have any queries regarding the Register of Electors please contact the Franchise Section at 014149100 or alternately you can email
The Local Electoral Area breakdown is as follows:
Local Electoral AreaNo. of Electors Registered
Tallaght Central26,175
Tallaght South27,058

The Constituency breakdown is as follows:

constituencyNo. of Electors Registered
Dublin Mid-West74,528
Dublin South Central7,830
Dublin South West108,533
A person is entitled to be included on the Register if he/she:
  1. Will be 18 years of age or over on the date the Register comes into effect.
  2. Is ordinarily resident at the address at which he/she wishes to be registered and is not already registered as an elector at another address.
Categories of Elector. The Register comprises four categories of electors: Presidential elector, Dáil elector, European elector and Local Government elector. A person’s citizenship determines their category and the type of elections at which they may vote.
See table below.
citizenshipType of Election at which Electors are eligible to vote atLetter on Register Book
Irish CitizensAll elections and referenda-
British CitizensDáil, European and local electionsD
Other EU CitizensEuropean and local electionsE
Non EU CitizensLocal Government elections onlyL

PLEASE NOTE: Any person may inspect the Register of Electors for electoral purposes during working hours at the offices of South Dublin County Council and at Public Libraries, Post Offices and Garda Stations.

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