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Commercial Rates

Commercial Rates are a form of local property tax, levied by local authorities on commercial/industrial properties, advertising stations and non-domestic premises. The income generated from commercial rates provides funding for a range of services delivered by South Dublin County Council which includes 

  • Public lighting, footpath repair and maintenance,
  • Car parking, traffic management
  • Housing Services, parks, sports facilities and playgrounds
  • Drains, river basin management and flood alleviation, litter management, enforcement of
  • Waste regulations and the fire service
  • Planning service, libraries, community and arts facilities and Local Government representation
  • Citizen Engagement which includes a participatory budget
  • Business Support Grants
  • Tourism and Community Development

The cost of providing such services and operations for citizens and businesses in South Dublin County will be €338 million in 2024.

Vacant property

Rates are payable on vacant properties. However, in circumstances where vacancy is due to inability to obtain a tenant or property is undergoing refurbishment,  vacancy credits may be applied to qualifying properties at the following rates which were approved by the Council’s Elected Members as part of the annual budgetary process.

Rates Year

Pre 2018      100%

2018             75%

2019 – 2023  50%

2024             25%


Application forms for vacancy credit can be found at  or by emailing 

Changes in owner/occupier of Rateable Property  

All changes in occupancy of rated properties must be notified to the Council within 2 weeks of the change occurring and pro rata liability will be calculated. Failure to notify the Council of changes within the 2 week timeframe could lead to prosecution and or fines. “Change of Occupancy of Rateable Property” form for completion and submission to the Council can be found at  or by emailing 

Payment of Commercial Rates

Commercial rates may be paid by the following methods

  • Online payment on .
  • Monthly Direct Debit  
  • Banking transfer using giro form attached to bill
  • Electronic bank transferto

Account Name: South Dublin County Council Rates Account

Bank Name & Address: Allied Irish Banks, Tallaght, Dublin 24 

Bank Account Number: 31001-779

IBAN:IE03 AIBK 9333 1731 0017 79


Please reference your rate account number and customer ID in the EFT to ensure prompt allocation of payment to your account.

  • In person at Council’s Payments Office in Tallaght or Clondalkin or by phone on 01 4149121 using debit /credit card.
  • By post  - cheques and money orders payable to South Dublin County Council and forwarded to Rates Office, South Dublin County Council, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24 .
  • Payment plan – by agreed arrangement with Debt Collection Unit. Please contact or by phone on 01 4149336 for further information

Assessment of Rates

Commercial rates are calculated as a multiplier of the Rateable Valuation of the property and the “Annual Rate of Valuation” (ARV) which is determined by the elected members of the Council at the Annual Budget Meeting. The ARV for South Dublin 2024 is 0.276.


The Rateable Valuation of the property is determined by Commissioner for Valuation at Tailte Eireann. Amendments to valuations notified by  Commissioner for Valuation  since 1/1/24 will be effective immediately .  South Dublin County Council cannot amend the valuation on a property as determined by Commissioner for Valuation.


All valuation enquiries should be made directly to

Tailte Éireann - Valuation Block 2, Irish life Centre, Abbey Street Lower, Dublin 1 D01E9X0

Tel: +353 1 817 1000 Email LoCall:1800 304 444


Billing enquiries 

All queries on rates billing and liability can be made to or by phone on 01 4149099. Customer number and rates account number should be quoted in all correspondence.