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An Próiseas Tógáil i Seilbh

Taking in Charge Process

Taking in charge application process

When a residential development is completed in accordance with all the conditions and particulars of the planning permission, the developer may make a written request to the Planning Department to have the estate taken in charge (roads and services). The application may be made using the Councils Taking in charge application form. (Please see accompanying advice on application requirements and specifications for drawings)

The developer will also be required to submit a letter of compliance from a Consulting Engineer stating that all Civil Engineering works have been carried out in accordance with the drawings and specification. If no drawings and specification exist, i.e. they were never submitted as part of the planning process, then the Consulting Engineer will be required to certify and state the standard to which all works have been constructed. A copy of the Consulting Engineers professional insurance indemnity certificate is also required.

Where required the developer will provide the required personnel to assist the local authority staff in checking the information supplied on the ‘’ as constructed drawings’’ or inspecting the site as required. Where it is apparent that a developer, despite guidance provided, has offered services that are not to standard, the costs of inspection etc by Council staff to clarify works required to meet the taking in charge standard, may be charged to the developers security.

Further requirements of the taking in charge process are outlined in the documents below and in the Councils Taking in Charge Policy.

Prior to taking in charge of services developers should note that consideration may be given to reduction/re allocation of part of the security provided in the event that evidence of taking in charge standards is produced and in this regard the taking in charge application requirements should be consulted

Should all requirements be met a recommendation is then made by the Building Control Section to have the roads and services taken in charge. The statutory procedure for taking in charge is then put in place by the Roads Department, in accordance with Section 11 of the Roads Act 1993.