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HeatNet Project Update - November 2017

South Dublin County Council has published its first HeatNet project Newsletter, which includes a summary of recent climate change mitigation projects undertaken by the Council. Information is also included on some of the expected outputs of the wider HeatNet partnership.

Click HERE  to view / download the HeatNet Newsletter

South Dublin County Council has an established track record in participating in and delivering European projects, including the Leadership for Energy Action and Planning and the Spatial Planning and Energy for Communities in all Landscapes projects, which were funded by the EU Intelligent Energy Europe programme and involved partnership with other local authorities across Europe and the Covenant of Mayors initiative.

In partnership with City of Dublin Energy Management Agency (CODEMA), the Council is now leading a project to develop Dublin city’s first public district-heating network. With partners across 5 EU states, the ‘HeatNet’ project will link Tallaght Hospital to the County Hall complex to form the core of a  district-heating network which when operational is expected to save the Council almost 1,900 tonnes per year after 5 years. Heatnet will run until 2020 and will receive European Regional Development Funding through the INTERREG North West Europe programme.

The HeatNet project partners are:

1. CODEMA, Irl (Lead Partner)
2. Plymouth City Council, UK
3. Aberdeen City Council, UK
4. Stad Kortrijk, Belgium
5. Mijnwater B.V. Heerlen, Netherlands
6. Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Netherlands
7. Ville de Boulogne-sur-Mer, France
8. South Dublin County Council, Ireland
9. CAP 2020 asbl, Belgium
10. Intercommunale Leiedal, Belgium
11. Energy Cities, France
12. Universiteit Gent, Belgium
13. Les 7 Vents, France
14. CEREMA, France

The HeatNet Project Partnership

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District- heating utilises waste-heat from sources such as electricity generation through a network of insulated pipes typically providing space heating and hot water to residential and commercial buildings, far more sustainably and economically than traditional methods using individual gas or oil boilers. A Combined Heat and Power plant could generate heat and electricity for both the Council, Tallaght Hospital, and other local developments in the longer term, reducing costs and carbon and guaranteeing energy resilience into the future. There will be ongoing potential for energy savings for other businesses and buildings in the area as the heating network rolls out and Tallaght becomes a model for Community energy and a decarbonised town centre.

HeatNet officially began in  2016 and the first successful project partner meeting took place in Heerlen, Netherlands in February 2017. This incorporated workshops and study tours, and partners started to share experiences on good practice in developing local district heating infrastructure according to its various benefits. Further details of the HeatNet project are available on the CODEMA website.

For more information contact the Council’s HeatNet project team: