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Treoirmharcanna & Áiteanna

Monuments and Places

Record of Monuments & Places
These structures are protected under the National Monuments Acts and comprise of:

  • Recorded sites and features of historical and archaeological importance included in
  • the Record of Monuments and Places as established under Section 12 of the National
  • Monuments (Amendment) Act, 1994.
  • Major sites of archaeological importance in South Dublin in State Ownership or Guardianship.
  • National Monuments which are the subject of preservation orders in South Dublin.
  • Zones of Archaeological Interest in historic towns.

All sites are identified by the relevant reference numbers on the Development Plan Maps, which are derived from the Record of Monuments and Places for Dublin published by Duchas, The Heritage Service in 1998 and are listed below in numerical order.

Planning applications for development which might affect, or be unduly close to, or which might obstruct any scheme for improvement of the surroundings of or any means of access to a Recorded Monument, Site or a Zone of Archaeological Interest will be referred to the bodies prescribed in the Planning and Development Acts and Regulations.

Record of Monuments & Places