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South Dublin Census

South Dublin Census

Mapping the county – Children and Families

South Dublin Children’s Services Committee in conjunction with South Dublin County Council has begun the process of mapping Census data (2011). You can click on an Electoral district and find out how many children live in the area, how many there are in any age group up to19 years. This type of information is very useful to those who intend building schools, provide child care facilities and recreational spaces such as parks and playgrounds. But there is so much more information  available, such as information on the makeup of families, housing, health status, employment and unemployment, the changing population, the way they travel to work, educational attainment etc.  The mapping application we are using allows the graphic illustration of the development of the county. Gathering and mapping all the relevant data in one place data will help organisations improve their decision making.

We haven’t all the data included on the present map as yet but it is coming. Much of the information in the map is based on the 2011 Census but 2002 and 2006 census data is there too which will help in understanding the population changes in the county over the past twelve years.

We look forward to seeing the end product which we hope will help organisations in planning and for families who will see services located in the areas where they are most needed.

The 2011 Census data has been mapped in respect of the South Dublin County area.