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Soilsiú Poiblí

Public Lighting

There are approximately 30,000 street lights in South Dublin County Council's area. Every street light is checked for faults during a fortnightly night-time patrol. Standard faults are repaired in 14 working days by the Public Lighting maintenance Contractor. Non standard repairs may take longer.

Informing SDCC of a defective public light

If you wish to report a public light requiring attention please uses one of the methods below.

Telephone: Please call the direct Dial Number 01 4149294.

Before you report to SDCC a defective public light please have the following information to hand;

  1. Your name, contact details and own address
  2. The pole number (the black number found on the white band on the pole) and road name of the faulty pole. (if there is no number on the pole it is most likely privately owned.)
  3. The address of the house nearest to the defective public light.
  4. Description of the defect, eg. no lighting, lighting during the day, twisted bracket.

The Public Lighting Specification is available below.