Canal Loop Greenway

South Dublin County Council propose to develop a scheme to link the Grand and Royal Canals with a Canal Loop Greenway. The scheme is being run in partnership with Fingal County Council, Waterways Ireland, the National Transport Authority and South Dublin County Council.
The scheme aims to improve the public realm by providing links from the Grand Canal to the Royal Canal Greenways for commuters and leisure cyclists. The length of the scheme will be 5.8km. One of the aims of the scheme is to provide sustainable transport for Lucan Village, South Lucan and the Laraghcon area. The scheme is proposed to be constructed along/adjacent to/in the vicinity of Griffeen Valley Park, over the Railway Bridge and N4 footbridges. The route is likely to go through Lucan and up Laraghcon Rd and possibly join the Royal Canal at Collins Bridge. The feasibility scheme will determine the best route for the scheme and consider a number of options.
The feasibility study will assess the technical, environmental and economic feasibility of the Project; and to produce a report on the same. The highlighted maps attached highlights the indicative route to be considered in the study, but it is not limited to this route. The feasibility scheme will include the preparation of an Environmental Report, which shall include screening for Environmental Impact Statement, and screening for Appropriate Assessment. The scheme will provide a route and drawings so that Planning may commence on the scheme.

Progress to date and proposed program
·         Consultant appointed to progress the feasibility study September 2018
·         Roll out of other phases is dependent on funding and planning.

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