Deacracht le hÍocaíochtaí

Difficulty Paying

Are you having difficulty with your Mortgage Repayments?

  • The most important action you can take is to talk to us now.
    South Dublin County Council has a policy of early intervention for mortgage accounts that fall into arrears. The Council is committed to working with our customers who are currently experiencing financial problems, or feel they may soon experience problems with their mortgage repayments.
  • Do not ignore the problem
    If you receive any correspondence in relation to mortgage arrears please do not ignore it. Your mortgage repayment must be your priority debt, you need to pay it before any other debts you may have.  South Dublin County Council has a dedicated mortgage arrears section who will work with our customers who are experiencing problems with their mortgage repayments. Our staff can discuss your circumstances with a view to making an arrangement to pay your mortgage and arrears that is both suitable to both you and the Council.
  • Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP)
    South Dublin County Council has introduced a five step programme called the Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP) to provide help to borrowers who are having difficulty in meeting there repayments. You can download a guide to MARP from related documents below. As part of the MARP you are required to complete a Standard Financial Statement (SFS) which you can download in related documents below. If you require any assistance in completing the SFS or the application form South Dublin County Council has staff available to help with your queries.

South Dublin County Council cannot

  • Ignore the fact that you may be in arrears
  • Write off your arrears
  • Ignore broken arrangements

Actions you can take:

  • Contact South Dublin County Council mortgage arrears section immediately at telephone no.: 01 4149093 or e-mail us at hloanacc@sdublincoco.ie
  • Contact the financial institutes you have other debts with a view to agreeing revised repayment
  • Contact Money Advice Bureau (MABS):Tallaght: 42032789 (MABS) Clondalkin: 4575782
  • To visit MABS website www.mabs.ie
  • Contact your local Social Welfare Office
  • Contact your local Community Welfare Officer
  • Gather your income and expenditure details e.g.: payslips, social welfare details, details of other loans, bank statements

Affordable Housing

The South Dublin County Council Affordable Housing Scheme was discontinued in 2011.
If you are considering selling your Affordable property it will be necessary to contact Loan Accounts Section on 01-4149093 for information and advice. There is a €150 valuation fee to be paid by you to South Dublin County Council when the property is sale agreed.
Further Information on Selling an Affordable Home.

Your home may be at risk if you don't keep up repayments on a mortgage or any other loans secured on it.