Sublocation A

Funded Projects

The Lucan electoral area was the first to have their say when South Dublin County Council ran a pilot participatory budgeting initiative in 2017. 160 ideas were submitted with 17 going forward to the final public vote and eight projects being funded through €300k Have Your Say. Those were:


ProjectVotes CastFunding Amount
Playground in Waterstown Park, Palmerstown1184€120,000
Feasibility Study for the Restoration of Silver Bridge, Palmerstown1148€15,000
Christmas Lights in Lucan Village1076€17,000
Planting Native Apple Trees, Lucan Electoral Area935€5,000
Access to Church and Graveyard at Mill Lane, Palmerstown869€10,000
Free Library Book Banks in Public Places - Lucan Electoral Area865€3,000
Multi-Games Wall in Lucan860€100,000
Restoration of King John’s Bridge Griffeen Park - Lucan806€20,000