Meadow Mowing

24 Apr 24

Due to the unprecedented rainfall in March and April, the Council has been unable to cut and collect our meadows. Up until the 30th of April, the council will be conducting meadow mowing across the county.  This work is an essential part of the Council's actions to improve habitats for pollinators and spans over 195 ha.  All wildflower meadows need management, this usually involves cutting the meadows once a year and removing all the cuttings. Cutting and removing the grass reduces the nutrient levels in the soil, thus encouraging wildflowers to naturally colonise the areas. Not cutting the grass would add to the fertility of the soil and encourage grasses to grow which out-compete the wildflowers in the seed bank. As this work requires specialist equipment it is carried out by agricultural contractors on behalf of the Council and the by-product, grass is used as fodder. SDCC as signatories to the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan and are committed to creating and managing sustainable natural meadows across the County. For more information on SDCC Pollinator Action Plan 2021 – 2025 and wildflower meadow locations please see the attached link: Pollinators - SDCC