Library Services

South Dublin Libraries are delighted to announce that we will begin a Quick Browse Service from 9.45am on Monday June 29th.

Library patrons can enter the library to browse, return, and self-issue books and other library material.

For the well-being of users and staff, please note the following:

• Visitor numbers will be limited. A safe queuing system will operate outside the building

• Browsing time will be limited to 15 minutes.

• Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

• Please ensure you have your library card with you.

• Study spaces remain closed.

• Limited IT and printing services will be available. Computers must be booked in advance by phoning or emailing your local South Dublin Library - details on our Find a Library page

• Sanitisation stations must be used and will be available at the entrance and throughout the library.

• Social distancing and respiratory etiquette must always be observed.

• Newspapers and magazines will be Find Your Library unavailable, however online services can be found on our website.

• If you or anyone at home has symptoms of Covid-19, please do not visit the library, or return books.

You can join the library online and get eBooks, audiobooks, online magazines and newspapers for free straight away, or even take language and other courses. Here's how! 

Join online 

  • To join the library online, fill out this form with your name, address, email and some other details. 
  • Click, 'Submit' and you'll be taken to a new page that gives you a 'Temporary' library barcode. 
  • This will be your library number and you need it to access online services so save it somewhere or write it down and keep it safe. 
  • This page will also instruct you to 'set a PIN' and will give you a link to do that. 
  • Once you've set your PIN and you have your library number, you're all ready to access all the online services.  

If you are having trouble joining, you can contact your local SDCC library for help. The buildings are closed but staff are available! Find your local library by clicking here.

We've included short guides to getting and using these services below. 

How to use Borrowbox for eBooks and Audiobooks

You can download the Borrowbox app or find your library hereto get directed to the web version. 

Then you just: 

  • choose your library from the dropdown menu;
  • enter your library number where it asks for your ID/Barcode; and,
  • enter your PIN where it asks for PIN/Password.

That's it, you're signed in and ready to browse and read!  

How to use RB Digital for online magazines 

You can use the RBDigital app or visit online at

You will have to register for a free account, with your library number. To do this: 

  • Click ‘register’ 
  • Select your country and then select your library service (some library services have their own accounts with RB Digital so you may have two options - for magazines and Transparent Languages, you need to choose the option that has ‘LGMA’ above it)
  • Enter your library card number
  • Create a username 
  • Enter a password

That's it, you're all set up! 

A-Z of All Services