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Grange Castle Infrastructure


Outstanding Infrastructure

The land-bank that is Grange Castle Business Park now exceeds 500 Acres. Our clients invest with a long term view, and so do we! Our strategic investment outlook is always long term thus ensuring that land capacity is always in place to meet the immediate and long term vision of our clients.

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This investment is continuous, recently our land bank portfolio offering a multiplicity of site options to future and existing clients has been significantly expanded. Many of our clients have acquired larger sites in anticipation of future expansion ensuring a quick turnaround in construction.

Grange Castle's plug-in sites are fully serviced and ready for development thus minimizing development costs and time. These plug-in sites ensure our clients reach production stages as soon as possible.

Site Infrastructure

Water Supply & Drainage


The Park is served by the existing 700mm diameter trunk water main installed along the Nangor Road. Surface water infrastructure is also provided for within the Park. The Park is also served by the Dublin City Council 9B trunk sewer, which conveys sewage directly to the main municipal treatment works at Ringsend. Depending on the industry type, there may be a requirement to treat effluent to domestic standard on-site prior to discharge.

Gas & Electricity

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The 70 bar trunk gas main, the Brownsbarn to Ballough pipeline, which forms part of the Kinsale/Scotland interconnector, has been laid along the route of Grange Castle and Outer Ring Roads and a pressure reducing station from the trunk main is installed within the Business Park. This provides an excellent gas supply to service the Park and its tenants. Grange Castle Business Park also contains a number of 110kV National Grid substations, and feeds our clients developments and offers resilient capacity to cater for the foreseeable future demands of the Park.

Telecoms and IT

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Grange Castle Business Park is extremely well served for all IT and telecom requirements. There are high speed broadband capabilities with diverse and resilient capacity options linked to an international fibre optic network (T50) which is distributed throughout the Park. This development strategy means that future clients can construct their facilities on plug-in sites already serviced with the important infrastructure they need!


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