Council Parks Information for COVID-19

02 Apr 20

Public Parks in the jurisdiction of South Dublin County Council will be open to pedestrians in line with Government announcements of measures to minimise the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

From Monday the 18th of May 2020; people may engage in outdoor activities, either individually or in small groups (maximum of 4 people); only where social distancing can be maintained and there is no contact.

Please continue to use discretion and if a car park or other park facility is busy or full; leave and return later, or go to another, less busy location.

The 5km limit on distance to travel from home for exercise purposes remains in place.

Please maintain social distancing and avoid unnecessary journeys.

  • Follow Government protocols and public health guidelines.
  • Stay local and stay within a 5km radius of your home when taking exercise.
  • Exercise with members of your household or a maximum of 3 people from outside your household.
  • Avoid SDCC parks between 1.30pm-3.30pm as these hours are designated for people vulnerable to Covid-19.
  • Observe physical distancing by keeping at least 2 metres apart.
  • Park sensibly and responsibly if driving to outdoor amenities.
  • Playgrounds remain closed.
  • If a car park or a facility is busy or full please leave and return at a less busy time or go to another, less busy location.
  • Respect the emergency services and avoid activities that could potentially lead to emergency call-outs.
  • Respect the environment, animals & wildlife.
  • Dispose of waste properly.
  • Visit outdoor areas at off-peak times.


For further information on the measures announced by the Government please go to