Book Club Titles

Book Club Titles

South Dublin Libraries offers books on loan to books clubs operating in any South Dublin Library or the South Dublin Council area.

The titles (15 of each) are added to every year and there is a selection of fiction and non-fiction titles to suit all tastes.

The titles are held in Library HQ and can be collected from there or picked up from your nearest South Dublin library. To check availability and to avoid disappointment, it is advisable to have a couple of titles in mind when contacting the bookclubs administrator  .

Three lists of titles in pdf format is available for viewing below. The lists are by author in alphabetical order by surname.
The lists were last updated December 2023. Further lists will be available as they are updated.  Please note that these lists contain fiction and non-fiction and it is noted which are non-fiction.




We are sorry but this service cannot be offered to book clubs operating outside the South Dublin council area.