Who is Eligible

Who Is Eligible?

Who is eligible to apply?

As this is a pilot affordable housing scheme before the introduction of a formal Affordable Housing Scheme, the Council has determined the eligibility criteria for this pilot scheme.  Accordingly, applicants wishing to be considered for Affordable Housing at Kilcarbery Grange must:

  • Be a first-time buyer and not own or have a legal interest in a dwelling
  • Have a gross total annual household income of €73,362 or less
  • Be in a three or more-person household that intends the affordable home to be that household’s normal place of residence.
  • Have the right to reside indefinitely in Ireland. Citizens of a member state of the EU/European Economic Area can apply if they are living and working in Ireland. Non-Irish/EU/EEA citizens must have indefinite leave to remain in the State.

50% of the affordable homes for sale will be reserved for applicants who are currently residents in the administrative county of South Dublin for a minimum of twelve months.

Can persons who are not a first-time buyer apply?

No, for this pilot scheme, only first-time buyers are being considered.

Do applicants need to have mortgage approval in place?

Yes. For this pilot scheme, applicants are required to have mortgage approval because the homes are currently under construction and are due for completion by June 2022.

Purchasers can use the Local Authority Home Loan or a mortgage from any private lending institution, such as a bank or building society, to finance their purchase. Where a purchaser is not availing of the Local Authority Home Loan through the Council to purchase the home, a separate ‘Priorities Agreement’ between the Council and the bank providing the mortgage to the purchaser will be necessary.   This agreement between the Council and the bank will not impact on the purchaser but will record that the Council will retain an equity share in the property and will provide that the bank’s interest will take priority.

Successful applicants will need to provide a Mortgage Approval in Principle letter from their proposed lender to be considered.

What documentation may the Council request to verify an application?

Some, or all, of the following documentation may be required from successful applicants as part of the verification of their application details:

  • Proof of income (e.g., current salary certificate for PAYE employees; Accountants Report/Audited Accounts/Current Tax Balancing Statement/Current Preliminary Revenue Tax Payment Receipt for self-employed persons)
  • Evidence of first-time buyers’ status, i.e., confirmation of eligibility for Help to Buy.
  • Mortgage loan approval letter
  • Proof of residency e.g., clearly dated utility bills, rental agreements or other correspondence, demonstrating the length of current residency of a minimum of twelve months in the South Dublin administrative area for relevant applicants.

More Details

You can find full details on the application process on the FAQ page.