Cocooners Get Designated Time in Dublin’s Parks

05 May 20

Four Dublin Local Authorities earmark 1.30pm – 3.30pm as Cocooner Only times.  

Dublin’s four local authorities have come together to create a designated time for cocooners who wish to exercise in their local parks.

 From tomorrow, Wednesday, May 6, a two-hour period between 1.30pm and 3.30pm will be reserved in all parks across Dublin city and county for people who are cocooning. This includes the Over-70s and medically vulnerable people.

 Other park users are asked to consider using parks at other times so that those cocooning can have as much space and confidence in physical distancing as possible.

 Mayor of South Dublin County Council, Councillor Vicki Casserly said:

“I fully support this innovative plan to allow Over-70s and medically vulnerable people much needed dedicated space and time in the outdoors – enabling them to get their long-awaited fresh air and exercise in as safe an environment as possible.”

 The Chief Executive of South Dublin County Council, Daniel McLoughlin, said:

“We are asking all other citizens to please take on board the request to leave these two hours for those who have been cocooning and to use the park at other times during the day. It is important to their physical and mental wellbeing that they can enjoy our parks and exercise in safety.”

For further information phone : 01 4149000


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