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Glendown Road Section 38 Consultation

Glendown Road Section 38 Consultation

Glendown Road Section 38 Consultation

The following works will be undertaken under Section 38 of the Road Traffic Act 1994.

The purpose of this non-statutory consultation is to provide notice of South Dublin County Council’s intention to reallocate existing road space and construct raised adjacent cycle lanes on Glendown Rd.

The aim of this scheme is to reduce traffic speed, provide safe crossing routes for vulnerable road users and those with reduced mobility. It will also provide safe and segregated cycle lane linking Templeville Rd to Rossmore.

It is not anticipated that there will be any removal of trees along the main road, the scheme has been designed to fit within the current road space. Potentially one tree may have to be removed at junction of Glendown Rd and Glendown Lawn if works encroach on the root system. This will be done on advice of an arborist and if this is necessary then there will be five trees planted as a replacement.”

The Glendown Road Section 38 Consultation commenced 20/09/2023 and has ended 18/10/2023.

You can still view the details of the Section 38 Consultation here.