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Cycle South Dublin

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Cycle South Dublin Programme

Cycle South Dublin is an ambitious programme of work that reflects the increasing importance of making cycling a realistic and integral part of how people move around the County. It proposes a set of 45 routes that would deliver approximately 263km of new and improved cycle lanes over the next ten years.

The successful delivery of this programme is not solely within the gift of the Council, recent commitments from NTA and central Government to fund and support the delivery of this programme are much welcomed and will be central in enabling us to plan in a coordinated way. However, over the coming years we will also need continued political and community support to make this a reality.


For South Dublin to become one of Ireland’s most cycle friendly counties.


The Council’s mission is to provide people of all ages and abilities with a well-connected, well designed, and safe cycle network that offers people a credible alternative to using the car.


Provide a comprehensive and connected cycle network across South Dublin;

Make cycling a more achievable mode of transport for all adults and children; and

Improve the cycling identity of the County.

Critical components

Identify cycle priorities:

  • EXISTING (increased cycle safety and maintenance upgrades of existing cycle lanes and streets)
  • NOW (progress projects within the next 2 years),
  • SOON (progress projects within the next 5 years),
  • LATER (progress projects within the next 8 years), and
  • Bus Connects will deliver a range of cycle improvements to be delivered by the NTA

Project Phases

All phases

CYSD Brochure

In April 2021, a Cycle South Dublin brochure was circulated. If you would like to view a PDF copy of this brochure, click here

Please note this brochure was created in 2021 and certain aspects of schemes may have changed over time.