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Dodder Greenway Phases 4 - 6

Dodder Greenway Phases 4 - 6

Dodder Greenway Section 4 cycle route from Springfield Avenue to Lower Dodder Road.


Project Status - Traffic management to Springfield section is in place with works well under way. Phase 1 which includes crossing to Fairways/ Springfield Ave now complete.

Dodder Greenway Section 5 Firhouse Road/Butterfield Road 


Project Status: Commencement of works is anticipated for May/June of 2024 on Section 5 of the Dodder Greenway from Firhouse Avenue to Butterfield Avenue. 

Dodder Greenway Firhouse Road/Butterfield Road Part 8 Consultation commenced 06/07/2022 and ended 31/08/2022.

You can still view the details of the Part 8 Consultation here. The works will consist of the following, which will expand the fantastic Dodder Greenway Route further:

  • Construction of a combination of single way and two-way cycle tracks adjacent to the vehicle carriageway
  • Junction amendments to provide safer movement of pedestrians and cyclists
  • Associated services
  • Minor landscaping works
Dodder Greenway Section 6 On road section from Kiltipper Road to Old Bawn Road.


Project Status- Designs and options for route been considered approx 8 months to completion.