Chapter 2



 Maximises the potential of the County to deliver a compact settlement form in line with National and Regional population targets, with a strong focus on regeneration and the redevelopment of brownfield over green field lands.

Executive Summary

This Core Strategy and Settlement Strategy quantitatively demonstrates how much land is required to meet the residential and employment need of an additional 46,518 people up to 2028. To provide for this level of growth in line with National policy, a need for 23,730 new homes between the Census year 2016 to 2028 within the County has been identified.

Taking account of completed units between 2017 and 2021 (5,914 Units) there is an overall requirement of 17,817 units between 2021 and 2028. The Core Strategy (Table 10) demonstrates how this target can be met up to 2028 taking into consideration units under construction. It has been developed by applying a four-step approach to the identification and assessment of lands capable of meeting this housing requirement.


- The housing target for South Dublin County, as set by Ministerial Guidelines and the NPF Road Map, is 17,817 homes up to 2028.

- Of this there are currently 4,557 homes under construction, thereby reducing the need to 13,260 homes up to 2028.

- The Council has assessed all appropriately zoned lands with the potential for residential development and has applied a residential density for each site in line with Ministerial Guidelines.

- Informed by this work, there is a total Land Capacity of 1,039ha with the potential for 44,472 units. However, by excluding Long Term Strategic Lands the land capacity reduces to 477ha with the potential to accommodate 23,731 units.

- An Infrastructure Assessment was carried out for these lands to identify the capacity of lands in Tier 1 (i.e. zoned and serviced) which has a total of 11,597 homes and in Tier 2 (i.e. zoned and serviceable within the lifetime of the plan) which has a total of 12,133.

- A further Planning and Deliverability assessment was carried out across the Tier 1 and 2 lands and has been found to have sufficient capacity to meet total housing target set for the County.

- Based on above – the core strategy identifies that there is no requirement to zone additional lands to meet population or housing targets.