Chapter 12



‘Our Neighbourhoods’ collates the key objectives specific to each particular neighbourhood area which when combined will contribute towards the achievement of the overall vision for the plan within each neighbourhood and the delivery of compact and sustainable neighbourhoods.


It is the aim of the plan to achieve an efficient use of land with a focus on key urban centres, and to achieve development densities that can support vibrant, compact, walkable places that prioritise pedestrian movement. The implementation of such measures requires a compact development form and when successfully achieved can play a significant role in climate action, reducing the need for car-based travel and carbon emissions while also facilitating opportunities for the use of more sustainable and renewable energy sources.

The plan identifies 7 geographical Neighbourhood Areas where key services and facilities were found to be common to particular towns/villages and urban centres within the County. This process has informed and facilitated a more tailored approach to the provision of key services and facilities as each area grows over the plan period.

The layout and format of this chapter follows the sequence of each of the plan chapters, abstracting and collating key objectives relevant to each particular neighbourhood area. When combined, these objectives will contribute towards the achievement of compact and sustainable neighbourhoods within the County of South Dublin in line with the provisions of Chapter 5 section 5.3 Delivering Sustainable Neighbourhoods ‘The Plan Approach’.